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It's Been Months

 Hello All, It's been months since I've written anything on here so I just wanted to check back in. The world of Chrome OS is in a waiting pattern while new technology is slowly churning out onto the market although there are a couple small, but key, developments I want to briefly touch on. First, awhile ago I wrote about Progressive Web Applications on here. Well, at Google I/O (Google's big developer summit for those who don't know) which is happening in a little over a week, they are doing a whole thing about making Progressive Web Applications more native to Chrome OS. This can be a boon for realtors and landlords alike. Imaging having the ability for someone to click on your icon on their home screen to inquire about a property or to pay rent or to put in for a maintenance repair, or anything of that sort without having to open a browser. That is what we are talking about here. This could be a major breakthrough in the real estate space if people utilize it properl
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Too Late CES Review and More

 Hello All, CES has come and gone (it's been weeks at this point), so let's talk about what we saw at CES (Consumer Electronics Show). Samsung- Samsung unleashed the Galaxy Chromebook 2 and made it much more price friendly for everyone at large. It features Intel processors, a QLED (Quantum Dot LED) Full 1080p display, all the appropriate ports including a Micro SD card reader, and it starts at a mid-range price point of $549 for the entry level model. Of the 5 Chromebooks that were unveiled, this one was probably the least enticing to me because of the combination of features and price point. It's still a pretty good computer on paper if you decide to get one and will still let you accomplish what you need to accomplish as a real estate professional. Acer- Acer unveiled the new Chromebook Spin 514 which starts at $479 for the entry level model. This device has a 14 inch screen, all the necessary ports including a Micro SD card reader, new AMD processors made specifically f

It's been a couple months...

 Hey All, I know it has been a couple months since I last posted on here. While I have been following Chrome OS developments, I have been waiting for something more concrete to write about and that should be coming soon. CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, is happening in early January and should be giving us not only new Chrome OS devices... but other great tech for real estate professionals for us to delve into on here as well. Personally, I am looking forward to all of it. The main rumors going around for what will be unveiled are new Samsung and Asus Chromebooks... but as always, there could be more (and I personally hope for more in that regard).  I also hopefully will get my hands on a working version Parallels for Chrome OS to see how well Parallels works on Chrome OS. I've used Parallels on Macs in the passed and it worked really well for not just Microsoft Office applications, but Windows based applications and programs in general. That's all for now. Have a great holi

Long Time No Update.. so let's talk AMD and Zillow

 Hey All! I know it's been quite a long time since I posted so I just wanted to check in and apologize for not posting in what seems like forever. There is not a lot of news on the Chrome OS front except for one major thing... AMD Ryzen Chromebooks are on the way! I personally prefer AMD processors to Intel processors and AMD's Ryzen processors are the cream of the crop. My Windows laptop (that I hardly use anymore because of how much I prefer using Chrome OS) has an AMD Ryzen 5 processor in it for example. Lenovo and HP have already announced Chromebooks with AMD Ryzen processors on the way and AMD has said that Acer and Asus will also be announcing such devices in the near future. According to benchmarks, the AMD Ryzen processors outperform Intel Core processors, so this is very exciting for us real estate professionals who want better performance in the devices we use to conduct our business. I feel very excited with these developments regarding AMD... Unfortunately I can


 Hello All, It has been awhile and that is because the Chrome OS News Cycle as it pertains to Real Estate Professionals has slowed down some. Well, I got some good news, there are 2 new options coming from Acer worth talking about. First, this is probably going to pertain to larger property management firms than anyone else, but there is a new enterprise edition of the Acer Chromebook 314 on the way. I was completely surprised when I saw it on Acer's website and I hope we see a consumer version of it for the rest of us. It has an Intel Pentium Silver processor, 8 GB of RAM, 64 GB eMMC, all the appropriate slots including a MicroSD, and a 14" Full HD screen to boot. This machine will be able to handle anything a real estate professional will need to do. It's nicely priced at $499 and it's military grade, so great for construction sites! Acer also finally showed the higher end Chromebook 712 on it's website. It has quite a bit in common with the new 314 (8 GB of RAM,

Catching Up

Hello All, It has been awhile since I posted on here! I apologize for that and I will be updating this more often than it has been for the past month and a half. So, let's catch up! Hardware: Acer has announced and released their flagship Chromebook Spin 713 to rave reviews from far and wide during this month and a half hiatus I did not intend to take. The base model comes with 13.3 inch touchscreen, 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB HD, a 10th Gen Core i5 from Intel, and all the appropriate ports including a MicroSD slot. Acer does a great job with their Chrome OS devices (I'm typing this on one now) and to have this type of offering at a price point between $600 and $700 makes this a good option for real estate professionals who are willing to spend a little more on a device to get more out of their device. There is also an enterprise version of this device which could work well for large property management firms.  Also on the hardware front, there are a couple of innovations coming to Ch


Hello All, I did not expect to be writing another post so soon, but a game changing event in Chrome OS that directly affects those of us who use Chrome OS for our real estate business has been announced. Are you all ready? Well, here it is: Parallels is coming to Chrome OS! Yes, through Parallels Desktop, you will be able to run Windows applications, including Windows versions of Microsoft Office, on Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, and Chromebases. It is supposed to happen as soon as this fall, yes, Fall 2020! I am stoked! I have used Parallels on Mac OS before and it worked wonderfully. I was able to run full windows on an iMac when I was in college and it made my college life a lot easier. It is the best Windows emulator out there, bar none. Now that Parallels will soon be on Chrome OS, it only makes it that much easier for someone to switch their business over to the Chrome OS operating system because you will be able to get the best of Windows and Office as well. I repeat t