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Catching Up

Hello All,

It has been awhile since I posted on here! I apologize for that and I will be updating this more often than it has been for the past month and a half. So, let's catch up!


Acer has announced and released their flagship Chromebook Spin 713 to rave reviews from far and wide during this month and a half hiatus I did not intend to take. The base model comes with 13.3 inch touchscreen, 8 GB of RAM, 128 GB HD, a 10th Gen Core i5 from Intel, and all the appropriate ports including a MicroSD slot. Acer does a great job with their Chrome OS devices (I'm typing this on one now) and to have this type of offering at a price point between $600 and $700 makes this a good option for real estate professionals who are willing to spend a little more on a device to get more out of their device. There is also an enterprise version of this device which could work well for large property management firms. 

Also on the hardware front, there are a couple of innovations coming to Chromebooks according to Chrome Unboxed. The first one I'm going to mention here is Qualcomm Snapdragon processors coming to Chrome OS devices. Qualcomm Snapdragon processors power most of our favorite Android Smartphones and do so very well. The Snapdragon 7c platform is very similar to the processor that powers my personal cell phone and that performs beautifully the few times I do work-related activities on it. To have that type of battery life and performance in a Chrome OS device will be nothing but a win for real estate professionals who live on the go when business is booming. The other hardware development that I am going to talk about here is that QLED Displays are coming to Chrome OS. QLED is a significant improvement over typical LCD displays but are much more cost effective than OLED/AMOLED displays and those savings are passed down to customers. I'm not going to go delve into TV pricing on here, but the difference in pricing between a TV with a QLED display is significantly less than a TV with an OLED display and for what real estate professionals do, the difference in quality is nowhere close to justifying the price difference unless you binge watch Netflix for hours on end... and a TV is better for that than a laptop (which should be for work, hint hint) is anyway. The additions of Snapdragon processors and QLED displays (especially if they're in the same device) to the Chrome OS ecosystem is a win for real estate professionals in my opinion. 


On the software front, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are going to become a more integral part of the Chrome OS ecosystem. I did a post on PWAs prior so feel free to go back and read that, but I feel that PWAs can do wonders for real estate professionals. They can do everything from creating a portal for renters to capturing leads to advertising listings. I might create a PWA for this blog just to test the entire process out and I will let you all know when I do. For property managers, Yardi apps and Buildium apps are available on Chrome OS through the Play Store. I will start doing more searches in the Play Store to spotlight apps that can help Real Estate Professionals. 

As always, stay safe out there, we are still living through a pandemic. 

Until next time...



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