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Progressive Web Apps

Hello All,

Let's talk Progressive Web Apps!

Progressive Web Apps are applications that work across platforms through the web. They are more interactive than typical websites but not tied down to single platform like a standard application. They literally are the best of both worlds and well, real estate professionals have a few reasons to use them. So, let's discuss them:


Branding is a great reason to use Progressive Web Apps. Because they are more interactive than regular websites, you can create better experiences with potential clients. There is research being conducted on how much more effective Progressive Web Apps are at lead capturing than a standard website and in real estate, leads are everything!


Listings, on or off the MLS, can be better interacted with by prospective buyers and renters in Progressive Web Apps than on typical websites. While typical websites have come a long with with virtual tours and Matterport 3D, Progressive Web Apps can take that a step further by creating a more personalized experience.


Progressive Web Apps are a great way to relay information about Current Market Trends to past, present, and future clients. You have more freedom for people to personalize the data they want to see in a Progressive Web App than you do on a typical website. People may have various reasons for wanting Current Market Trend data whether they want to buy, sell, or lease a property.

You also may have a combination of the above reasons or a reason I did not mention on here as to why Progressive Apps can help your real estate business.

Now how to make a Progressive Web App?

There are various places on the web to do that, but since I have not used any one of them I will not recommend them here. You can search on the web because all of them have various levels of pricing and what services they provide in those levels of pricing. Some create a mobile app along with the Progressive Web App. There are various solutions out there and it is best that you take time to research the options out there and do which one is best for you should you choose to go in the Progressive Web App direction for your real estate business.

Best of all, Progressive Web Apps work on Chrome OS!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,


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